Unveil Your
True Beauty.

For shimmery showers that sparkle, lighten, smoothing and soften skin , lather up with this liquid gold that inspires a little luxury into your everyday shower.



What some of our customers say...

The soap is very nice, it’s feel lux!! Very gentle on the skin, effective and I love the smell!!!


This shower Gel has cleared my skin up, I am now one tone from head to bottom, uneven skin tone gone, hyperpigmentation gone, infact give me 3 more right now .



Extra pure shower gel makes me feel clean, that my favorite thing about it. It’s simple and effective



Step into a spa experience with every shower. ExtraPureSkin’s luxurious lather is like a cloud, and the scent is a delicate blend of citrus and florals that lingers beautifully. My skin feels refreshed, not stripped, and it glows.
No hyperpigmentation


OMG I’m loving the extra pure soap so much! I love the gold shimmer, it just leaves my skin shinny and hydrated. And I love that it lasted, I was a tad bit worried about the size of the bottle, but a tiny drop covers my sponge with suds, and it smells good too.

Hope you still have in store?😍😍😍



I just wanted to let you know I’ve finished my second bottle of the extra pure shower gel and it’s divine.
Love that it doesn’t have a distinct scent but lathers on very nice. Like a little goes a long way.
And I’ll need a third bottle. Thank you. 🙏🏽🥰



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